Mt. Shasta Retreat


July 21-23, 2017



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Hello again beautiful souls!

Have you planned your summer vacation yet!

Why not join me this July 21-23rd and extend your stay?

A personal message from Kelly:

“It has been several years now since I lead my first retreat to this special mountain. This July will be my third journey, with the first time being commanded by Archangel Michael to do so. However, many from all over the world without being directed by an archangel, have been drawn to this mountain for hundreds of years and don’t exactly know why. As an energy vortex it has some of the same feel as Sedona, Arizona and urges a person to come to examine who they are.

On a spiritual level, perhaps you have heard of Mt. Shasta as being a UFO landing spot, the point into a fifth dimension, as a place of close encounters with metaphysical beings? Many consider it home to Archangel Michael and Saint Germain. As described in many books, the area is believed to have once been part of Lemuria and Atlantis, advanced civilizations. Some believe the Lemurians left, retreated underground, and still live deep inside the mountain in the subterranean city of Telos possibly on another dimension. I invite you as we visit places off the beaten track (including a journey to Telos) through a variety of alchemy experiences appropriate for beginners as well as more advanced alchemists. Allow me to download, teach and involve you in divine spiritual wisdom for your evolution and our planet’s  through a variety of experiences, while opening doorways to personal introspection and healing. Our group will also have the additional support of a local guide who knows this area well and brings some male energy. This retreat is for everyone, every family looking to become conscious co creators for themselves, for the planet and others. This is the time we have waited for to create peace, harmony and unity. This is the Great Awakening. What are YOU waiting for?” Love,Kelly
To read my blogs about my previous trips to this sacred mountain I invite you to visit:

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  These are just a few of the many causes our group worked on during our planetary grid work: oppressed children, alcoholism and addiction, heart disease, the world’s garbage, separative beliefs

“Who wouldn’t want to be nurtured by a powerful and loving Mega Angel for 5 days, in pristine Nature with all vibrant elements?  Mt. Shasta was a journey of Oneness, bridging Earth and Heaven.  The exercises, visualizations, invocations, energy work, etc., created a deeper level of connection to our Higher Self and, as Humanity which we are, a higher involvement in the service the Planetary Guides and Protectors are performing during this Great Shift.”–retreat participant

Archangel Michael had us examine: WHY AM I HERE?

(From a participant): “I am here to serve Source with all my heart, with all my soul. I came here to find my way to Ascension. I am here to be of service, thanks to the remarkable training by Archangel Michael and Kelly Hampton I feel I grew and learnt while enjoying that subtle combination of beauty and knowledge. I am different since the time at Mount Shasta by the way I act, the way I think.” — Lucero, T.

2014 alchemy.JPG

Our retreat group from 2013 working with planetary healing exercises downloaded
from Archangel Michael

What will we construct during our time together?
 •  work to restore lei lines •  matrix  and harmonic code work to help heal various illnesses on our planet  •  easy hike to St. Germain Ring to work with the violet flame to receive vision for your life  •  interplanetary shape shifting •  time travel  •  elemental energy work  • channeling of Mother Earth  •  Star Beings  • visit a portal into the Inner Earth  • work with the divine feminine in the peace garden  • introspective exercises to expand your inner knowing • guided meditations   • make new friends!  •  grow

Our tentative itinerary for July 21-23rd
knowing that Source ultimately leads us: 

Friday, July 21st
approx. 6:30-8:00 pm
Meet and greet, set intentions,
be guided through a healing meditation by Kelly,
answer any questions about the weekend
Exact location TBD in Mt. Shasta, CA.


Saturday, July 22nd (8 hours)

We will meet promptly at Berryvale Grocery, 305 S. Mount Shasta Blvd. to park cars, carpool, meet our guide and depart for our journey! For those of you who ordered a box lunch you could also pick it up then and or purchase any other snacks for the day.  We’ll start our journey at Fairie falls. This is an outdoor event! So pack and prepare appropriately please. We will not be coming down from the Mountain until 5:30 ish. We are recommending that everyone pack a lunch (or have a boxed lunch prepared for you), bring water, snacks, sunscreen, bug spray, hat etc…prepare for being outside in the summer). There is also Mt. Shasta Supermarket in town besides Berryvale grocery, which is an organic market. We recommend that everyone call a day ahead, and Berryvale can have your boxed lunches ready for when we leave each day. (It can be a very busy place and at times, the wait can be a bit long for the deli:)

At the falls we being our journey are exquisitely beautiful and have very powerful healing energy and less busy than many of the other more touristy falls.  Fairy Falls is a great spot to do rituals to cleanse residue from the past, as well as to come more fully into the Present. We may be working with harmonic codes and other alchemy exercises from Archangel Michael and many other guides and masters during this time. Then, we will drive up the mountain and do a short hike into Serenity Portal.   As the name suggests, this is a very peaceful spot, a great place for deep meditation and self reflection. Archangel Michael, Ascended Masters and Light Beings will lead us in some interpersonal journaling exercises as well as immersing ourselves in personal and interplanetary work in these spots.

From there, we will visit Anamar’s Garden, a  majestic rock formation, which includes a cave which is a portal into the Inner Earth.  Aurelia Jones, author of the Telos books, considered it to be a magical spot and named it for her twin flame. Next, we will go to Ascension Rock, considered by man to be the most powerful spot on the mountain.  At Ascension Rock, there is a great sense of Presence, along with a beautiful view of the summit. We will continue with our alchemy as well as allow for integration time. Dinner is on your own to explore local eateries and shops.

Sunday, July 23 (approx. 8 hrs./4-5 with local guide) tentatively, 9:30 – 5:30 pm

Sunday’s schedule is a bit less developed to bring you the best weekend retreat ever! But it will be something like this–though the order may change: We will begin Sunday by gathering/meeting at the Peace Gardens, a wonderful place to work with feminine energies and reflect within yourselves. Or we may be lead to do a group peace process for further healing and amplification of the energies. To learn more, receive, directions, you will want to click this link:


After a visit here, we will meet to drive up the mountain and go for a short hike to the Telos Portal, which is an ideal place to connect with the Lemurian frequencies of pure love that are so strong on Mt. Shasta.  Many visitors have profound experiences at this spot where we will work with energy exercises downloaded from Source for personal and planetary healing. From there, we will do a very short walk to Vision Ring, located nearby on a ridge with a full view of the summit. This is a perfect spot to receive a strong energy transmission from the mountain and a time for  more guidance from source for our group. You may wish to bring a journal for channeled downloads and for personal reflection.

Image result for saint germain

“A panther was seen energetically leaping into the circle of one of our
Alchemy Groups while we were energetically working. It was later revealed to be St.Germaine!”– participant

After that, we will drive to the end of the road at about 8000 feet.  From there, we will take an easy hike into St. Germain Ring, a very powerful spot with breathtaking views.  The Presence of the Master, St. Germain, Master of the Violet Flame, Chohan of the Seventh Ray, is very strong here. This is great site to connect deeply with the I AM energy, to work with the Violet Flame, and to receive vision for your life. We will also most likely integrate some type of sound/tone healing sessions today as well as some type of reflection and closing ceremony lead by Source.

Mount Shasta, located near the Oregon border in northern California, holds the distinction of being one of the world’s preeminent sacred mountains. It is recognized as an eligible Native American cultural and cosmological property on the National Register of Historic Places. There are many reasons to extend your stay here including visiting nearby Lake Siskiyou, relaxing at Stewart Mineral Springs in Weed, Ca, take in a round of golf, journey inside Pluto’s cave, possibly an entrance to the Lemuiran city of Telos, experience a sweat lodge, visit the headwaters of the Sacramento River, explore the region and visit the magical Redwoods and much more.


Are you coming?  


If received by 5/15th $625 USD after 5/15th $695

**Early Bird Registration has been extended to May 15th

Full payment is expected at the time of your reservation via paypal or credit card. Please make certain that you have the funds to attend. Additional fees may be incurred for international monetary conversions to US dollars. 

Cancellation Policies: 

In case of cancellations by the client, Healing Enterprises LLC will refund the following percentages:

30+days before the date of departure 100% (minus 5% for administrative costs)

29 days before the date of departure we cannot give any refunds.

 In case of cancellation by provider, Healing Enterprises LLC will refund 100%. 

Full payment in advance is expected at the time of your reservation. Additional fees may be incurred for monetary conversion for charge payments to US dollars. All course fees are in USD.
**If you have a telesummit coupon from purchasing a package through a summit please mention this at the time of your registration.Telesummt special offers are good only through early bird registration. Offers may not be combined. This event is for anyone 18 years of age and older who is in reasonably good health to make short hikes in this sacred area. Sorry, but we are not able to accommodate handicapped individuals during this retreat. We can suggest accommodations for you. You may wish to secure travel insurance and reserve your accommodation far in advance. Everyone will be required to sign a waiver of participation at the start of the alchemy retreat. Visitors traveling long distances are recommended to contact the Mount Shasta Visitors Bureau at Fairly accurate weather forecasts can be obtained from, search Mount Shasta, zip code 96067.

Disclaimer and what is NOT INCLUDED in your Alchemy Event: Transportation to and from your home to Mt. Shasta, CA, food, lodging, car rental, and personal items.  We reserve the right to refuse attendance to anyone. You must be in good physical condition as we will be spending time outside in nature and hiking some. We are not able to accommodate handicapped individuals on this trip or children under the age of 18. Attendance is at your own risk and a signed release form is required once we arrive. While this is a learning event, recording or sharing of any type of the material presented during this event is prohibited except for personal use. We won’t be traveling to any places which require a 4WD though will firm up meeting places later in an effort to carpool.



SIGN UP TODAY to avoid disappointment
This will be my only retreat to Mt. Shasta, CA in 2017. Some of you are asking if you can arrange private sessions with me in addition to our retreat. Friday, July 21st and Wed. July 26th have been set aside for these 1-on-1 sessions with limited availability. Kindly contact my office to schedule.


A Few Recommended Accommodations for your Mount Shasta Retreat

Strawberry Valley Inn ( 530-926-2052) Charming,  historic inn; very nice ambiance; cozy community area with fireplace; generous continental breakfast; before I moved to Mt. Shasta, this was my favorite place to stay when I came here

Fred’s Cozy Studio (530-926-2048); . Great views, private deck. Complete kitchen, large bath tub.  Queen size bed. Enjoy a massage in your room (extra charge) .  Close to town, very quiet neighborhood. Pets OK.

Hideaway Cottage http://( Beautifully renovated 1 bedroom with living room, kitchenette, & private bathroom.  Enjoy private deck with jacuzzi. Walk to downtown restaurants and shops

Shasta Mount Inn Retreat and Spa,530-926-1810)- luxurious B&B with great mountain views, jacuzzi, exceptional service;  just a few blocks from downtown

Best Western

KOA Campground: Also has a few cabins.

Mount Shasta Resort http:// http://www.mountshastaresort.com530-926-3030)  Spacious chalets by the lake; golf, tennis, and restaurant; Mt. Shasta’s only resort-style accommodations

Magical Angel House (530-926-6400) 3 blocks from downtown, private, quiet, Mt. Shasta view, surrounded 3 sides by wetlands, front yard pond. 3 bedrooms  3D HDTV, wi-fi, sleeps 7

Stoneybrook Inn (530-964-2300)- large B&B located on McCloud side of mountain, 15 minutes from Mt. Shasta City; peaceful atmosphere for retreats; jacuzzi and sauna

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