A Message from Kelly: I’ve been guided by Archangel Michael to create this mystical and magical retreat in 2018 as we explore sacred sites in and around the sacred land of Avalon, the area of Glastonbury and other points along St. Michael Alignment-arguably the most famous ley line in England. 

As I continue to lead retreats, I always find myself humbled by the wisdom which springs forth from the areas visited as well as the service to individuals and our planet. As we work out the details, please check back often in the months ahead as more content will be added. Tentatively, this will be a 5-6 day alchemy retreat and spiritual pilgrimage to be held either during May or June 2018. The group will have a limited number of participants. So once our dates and itinerary are firm, please make your reservation EARLY to assure your place! Also, please be certain that you have the funds to attend. There will be no refunds after registration.

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