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Glastonbury & Tintagel Sacred Pilgrimage 2019

Glastonbury, England 6 Day Journey to Avalon!

July 14-19th, 2019 with 2 day optional add on

to Tintagel July 20-22nd with departure on July 22nd, 2019

                                                                     THIS RETREAT IS SOLD OUT!

Kelly Hampton Glastonbury spiritual retreat

“I invite you join me on my second spiritual retreat and sacred pilgrimage to the mystical lands of Glastonbury, England. We will immerse ourselves in the transformational energies of St. Michael and St. Mary’s ley lines, Stonehenge, the Tor, Chalice Well and other ancient sites while deepening our connection with Mother Earth, the Divine Feminine, and all that this mystical landscape has to offer.

During this sacred journey, we will honor, heal, and transform aspects of ourselves and our planet during this profound time of Ascension. As part of your sacred pilgrimage, I will download and share as much divine information as possible. We will be working with energy, performing powerful group exercises, and allowing time for individual introspection as well. Our local guide Michael will also share his deep love and knowledge of ceremonial work which will likely include dowsing. Though this is crop circle time of the year in the UK, promises to locate and journey to any is not being made. However, last June during my first retreat to Glastonbury, AAMichael led us to a wonderful Pleiadian made one to our great surprise!! Once there, I downloaded divine guidance from Source for us to work within it (with farmer permission) to amplify its effects specifically, for easing of poverty and sustainable crops! I expect this journey to also involve some spiritual mission work for our planet.”

The town of Glastonbury is nestled beneath the commanding presence of Glastonbury Tor—the heart of the legendary Isle of Avalon and meeting point of several powerful ley lines. Glastonbury, a major pilgrimage destination for thousands of years, is home to numerous sacred sites, some of which date back to the Neolithic period. Legend holds that Joseph of Arimathea arrived in the area with the Holy Grail, blessing the land and spreading the loving gospel of Christ. He is said to have founded Glastonbury Abbey, one of the oldest medieval monasteries in England and rumored resting place of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere.

Energy healing retreat atop Glastonbury Tor
From Atop the Tor

A visit to Glastonbury offers a unique portal into the mystical energies that overlay the land—the nourishing womb of the ancient Earth Mother, the divine presence of Jesus and Joseph of Arimathea, the enduring legend of King Arthur and healing powers of the Holy Grail, as well as the playful enchantment of the faerie realm. We’ll connect with these magical energies and call upon the divine presence of Archangel Michael, Mother Mary, King Arthur, and more. Last time the Ascended Masters Jesus and Mary appeared and gave us all blessings and anointing’s.

                    Pilgrims Inn, Glastonbury, UK

Space is limited to 9 participants for the main pilgrimage due to van size and to help ensure an intimate experience for all. Accommodations in Glastonbury have been secured beginning July 14th. We advise that you arrive a day or two early, which has several advantages. If you choose to arrive prior to July 14th, you will be responsible for securing these arrangements. Please read our cancellation policy and disclaimer about other restrictions.

Day 1: Sunday July 14

We will arrive in Glastonbury and check in to our lodgings at Pilgrims Bed & Breakfast. Hosted by innkeepers Brian and Clare, your accommodations at Pilgrims B&B feature spacious and comfortable rooms, tranquil gardens for quiet reflection, and a Sanctuary Meditation Room for group and private sessions with Kelly. Plan on a meet and greet of your fellow pilgrims and to meet our guide in the early evening after dinner to get acquainted and prepare for our adventures the following day.

Day 2: Monday July 15

Our pilgrimage officially begins today with a fascinating exploration of the of town of Glastonbury on foot. From there, we will be walking to the mystical grounds of Glastonbury Abbey, a medieval ruin rich in history and lore. The Abbey has been linked to Jesus and Joseph of Arimathea since the middle ages, and King Arthur and Queen Guinevere are said to be buried here. The afternoon will be open to further explore the town. Optional evening event on site with Kelly. 7-8:30 evening. TOPIC: Understanding your Galactic Lineage, Star Mission, Soul Purpose with Q and A. Including live channeling from the Council and energy process from Star Healing Intergalactic Energy TM. Register by the early bird date and this event is included FREE! Register After: $55.00 USD or equivalent British pounds.

Day 3: Tuesday July 16

Our morning will begin with a visit to Chalice Well and the Red Spring, a healing sanctuary at the foot of Glastonbury Tor abundant with nurturing goddess energy. Legend tells that Joseph of Arimathea hid the Holy Grail at this site centuries ago. Afterward, those that can will climb Glastonbury Tor, the sacred hill overlooking Glastonbury, and visit St. Michael’s Tower at the top. Plan on self reflection, and group exercises here. You may also be inspired to pack your journal. We’ll stop for a delicious, locally sourced lunch at the nearby Somerset Rural Life Museum café. Then in the early afternoon, we’ll visit the White Spring, the second sacred healing spring at the base of the Tor. The healing waters of the Red and White Springs flow continuously, said to be nourishing gifts of life essence from Mother Earth. Finally, we’ll walk back to town along a medieval foot path, tracing the steps of countless pilgrims from centuries past. *Optional evening event on site with Kelly. 7-8:30. TOPIC: Appreciating the Divine Feminine. Registration in advance or night of: $55.00 USD or equivalent British pounds. Kelly will channel multiple Goddesses during this evening event and answer your questions. A healing process will also be presented. 

Day 4: Wednesday July 17

The day will commence with a walk to Wearyall Hill, where Joseph of Arimathea is said to have arrived with his disciples (declaring “we are weary, all”) and planted his staff in the ground. By morning, the staff had taken root and miraculously flowered into the first Glastonbury Holy Thorn. We’ll also visit St. Margaret’s Chapel, originally part of Glastonbury Abbey and connected to Mary Magdalene. In the afternoon, we’ll travel to the nearby city of Wells to visit the magnificent Wells Cathedral, renown for its vibrant spiritual energy and stunning Gothic architecture. We’ll also visit the adjacent Bishop’s Palace and sacred springs within the peaceful Palace grounds. 

Day 5: Thursday July 18

Today we’ll travel by minibus to Amesbury to visit the legendary monument of Stonehenge. *We may be able to arrange a private tour of Stonehenge. Details to be determined. Arranged in a circular layout symbolic of the Divine Mother, the massive stone structure is aligned with the sunrise of the summer solstice and sunset of the winter solstice—designed to be illuminated by the sunlight of the Divine Father twice per year. We’ll visit the stone circle, explore the ancient landscape, and connect with the powerful energy of this sacred site. We’ll also visit Cadbury Castle, thought to be the original fortification of King Arthur’s Camelot, atop the picturesque summit of Cadbury Hill.

*A limited number of optional private sessions with Kelly will be offered this evening–mediumship, channeling sessions on site. 6- 9 pm. 30 min/60 min. Advance reservations do require a deposit. 

Day 6: Friday July 19

Our last day of official touring and exploring. Today will be spent exploring the mysteries of Avebury Ring—the largest stone circle monument in the world. Built by our Neolithic ancestors more than 5,000 years ago, the Avebury Ring contains multiple henge sites, yet is also part of a larger, interconnected landscape that includes the chambered tombs of West Kennet Long Barrow and the mysterious artificial chalk mound known as Silbury Hill. We’ll call upon the powerful Earth Goddess energy at these sacred sites and delve into the rich, mystical lore of the area. 

Day 7: Saturday July 20

For those pilgrims not extending their journey to Tintagel, we will wrap up our tour on this final day and check out from our accommodations with final farewell, reflecting on all that we’ve learned and experienced together. You’ll be invited to stay connected with your new friends through a private Facebook group created for this purpose. We’ll also create a sacred memory book you can keep within your heart forever! For those who have registered to attend the optional 3 day journey to Tintagel, we will be departing early morning to Cornwall with bags packed, ready to meet our driver and guide.


JULY 20-22 2019

Space will be limited to 9 pilgrims for the Tintagel Castle Extension

Day 7: Saturday July 20

We leave Glastonbury and motor to Cornwall arriving in Tintagel. Lunch will be on your own at the Tintagel Castle on-site cafe. After lunch you’re off to explore Tintagel Castle, on a rocky windswept headland above the sea, surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean. Is Tintagel the birthplace of King Arthur? The mystery lives on! As we walk through these ancient ruins, we’ll find a quiet and peaceful area of the site for a group meditation facilitated by Kelly and Michael along with spiritual exercises and sharing provided by Spirit. Tide and time allowing, we will descend to the beach to Merlin’s Cave, located under the rocks close to Tintagel Castle. If not, we will view it from above. Legend maintains that the spirit of the great Druid Merlin is still here. After an adventuresome day we check into our guest house—the highly rated Bosayne Guest House and receive a warm welcome from the Innkeepers and maybe also have time for a cup of tea. Bosayne B and B is located 300 meters from the rolling waves of the Atlantic Ocean as they sound upon the dramatic cliffs and coves of North Cornwall. Your accommodations will include breakfast each day, with the center of the village being only a 2-minute stroll from their front door–perfect for on your own exploration and shopping!

Kelly Hampton energy healing retreat in Cornwall
Kelly Hampton energy healing retreat in Cornwall
Kelly Hampton energy healing retreat visits King Arthur's Great Halls

Day 8: Sunday July 21

Our first stop today is Arthur’s Hall of Chivalry, an atmospheric and historic building built in the 1930s. Everything in these halls are based upon the Arthurian Romances associated with King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Whether you take the tales of King Arthur literally or symbolically, or just enjoyed reading about King Arthur as I did as a child, the Great Halls are a remarkable experience, unlike any other Arthurian attraction.

Our second stop is St Nectan’s Glen in Trethevy, an area of outstanding natural beauty. Walk to the waterfall and hermitage through an ancient woodland with ivy clad trees. A place held sacred by many who visit here.The glen’s most prominent feature is St Nectan’s Kieve, a spectacular 60 ft. waterfall. Kelly will continue to share her spiritual knowledge as we walk to the waterfall. We’ll take time here for exploration of the natural beauty as well as individual meditation and reflection.

In the afternoon after lunch we will visit the quint village and fishing port of Boscastle. Here we will visit the Museum of Witchcraft, which houses the world’s largest collection of witchcraft related artifacts and regalia dating from prehistory to today and is amongst Cornwall’s most popular museums. We return to our guest house with some open time to shop, rest or just relax before joining our Optional Group Farewell Dinner at a local restaurant.

Day 9: Monday, July 22

Departure day. Our guide will end our tour at the Bristol coach station. From here you can get a coach to anywhere, including Bristol airport, Bristol railway station, all UK destinations by coach or train and there is an hourly shuttle to Heathrow with a journey time of just over 2 hours. Safe travels as you reflect upon your journey and perhaps start dreaming about next year…Cheers!

Kelly Hampton energy healing retreat visits King Arthur's Great Halls
Kelly Hampton Glastonbury energy healing retreat visits the Chalice Well
Chalice Well



For more information on Glastonbury 2020 retreat, please contact Kelly’s office.

Your Guides

Kelly Hampton Glastonbury energy healing retreat


Kelly Hampton is a way shower, spiritual Alchemist here to anchor the Christ grid of Ascension. She is a renowned author, elemental, angelic, ascended master and intergalactic channel. She is also an internally known gifted medium, hearing guidance from your loved ones and animals on the other side which developed since the age of 14 when her Mother first communicated to her from the Kingdom of Heaven.. Since 2010, she is also the founder of multiple 5thD-12thD groundbreaking healing systems given to her by Archangel Michael including STAR HEALING INTERGALACTIC ENERGY™, Star Healing Equine™, Star Healing for Small Animals which some are calling THE most powerful healing systems on the planet. She is also the founder of Ascended Spaces™ from Archangel Michael—the angel’s answer to feng shui–for creating abundance in our New Earth. She certifies practitioners in all of these modalities worldwide with practitioners currently in six countries.  

She is the founder of DOMINION, the new astrology-astronomy system for the New Millennium from Archangel Michael since 2015. She is the author of INTO THE WHITE LIGHT: THE REVELATIONS OF ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, 2012 AND BEYOND: THE TRUTH FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, and her latest release THE BOOK OF ANIMALS: Healing Wisdom from Archangel Michael. She also leads 5thD spiritual retreats to power spots and conducts training workshops around the world. This will be her second led retreat to the UK, with plans to return to Mt. Shasta, Ca, and Assisi Italy in 2019. Look for this information to appear soon under retreats. Stay involved by subscribing to her newsletter and receive FREE gifts. She has appeared alongside many of the world’s most accomplished speakers, healers, psychics and authors including Gregg Braden, Lisa Williams, Marianne Williamson. More recently, she is also the creator of StarCodeCreations:The Light Way to Heal, highly charged accessories for men, women and pets using healing codes from Archangel Michael. 

Your Glastonbury Guide

Michael has lived and worked in Glastonbury, otherwise known as The Isle of Avalon, for over 30 years. He has always had a love for the ancient history of the place and all the myths and legends associated with it. Michael is an accomplished Ceremonialist and will assisting Kelly with some ceremonies during your spiritual pilgrimage at the sacred sites. There is always time to sit under a tree, to touch an ancient standing stone, to have a prayer or a wish, or to dowse some earth energies. Michael looks forward to meeting you and guiding you through some of the wonders of ancient Britain!

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