Ascended Spaces Practitioners

Each certified practitioner offers various spiritual treatment modalities such as telephone healing, and in-person appointments at their office or in your home, and their rates vary accordingly.

Contact one of these Certified Ascended Spaces™ Practitioners to help you clear your home or office space to create abundance using Archangel Michael’s revolutionary Ascended SpacesTM home system.

Kelly Hampton, System Founder
St. Louis, MO
Phone: (636)-346 7093

Catherine Cogorno
Saint Louis, MO USA
Phone: (314)-782-7461


After elevating the home space… Darlene’s cat has been seen appropriately laying next to the Harmony Harmonics, one technique used. This system is more powerful than Feng Shui. She also shared: “I started taking notes about how my space is transforming, and it is. Ascended is priceless, and in many ways a missing piece to the changes I have been aspiring to. … These tools are empowering.,.. My space is humming with tunes.” Bonus: her laryngitis went away by the time we completed Ascended Spaces!

* (Diana) “I noticed an immediate lift in my mood and sense of optimism with the very first step of the attunement process. I also noted my dogs were unbelievably calm during the process, which was particularly unexpected since they are territorial and do not like having strangers in the home. Just one day after Ascended Spaces, my husband surprised me by, without prompting, taking major steps to help resolve his depression and isolation.”

* (Marcia) “Ascended Spaces helped to energize my home so much that I wanted to take the crystals with me in my camper I am sure AAMichael is protecting me in the home. I am disabled and cannot do a lot of things most people can. I noticed the feeling of Peace, the candles and crystals added to my home. It felt good and added to my sound healing and personal aura a great deal. Over time found I had to move candles around. I imagined the crystals moving and tightened when trouble came. My home is my security and so it means a lot to me to try this method.”

* (Kathleen) The dogs in this household stared at the crystal bowl music and immediately calmed down, as if under a spell. They followed us around the house as we worked the system. (A few wks later…) “Our space is better, and we are getting more organized (at least it seems) 😊 . Generally, all seems good, happy, cooking, putting plants to sleep for the winter & enjoying this lovely weather. Love & Joy.

(3 wks later) “I am definitely more peaceful & relaxed & have never really been bothered by things… but now!!! I don’t see ever getting upset or whatever! My husband seems so centered & financially we have been doing really… Our space simply seems calm & serene… more talking reading & a lot less TV!! Oh!!! Almost forgot… on Monday I woke up and the hip pain was actually GONE!!! 18 months!!! I believe from Star Healing & Ascended Spaces and YOU !!!
Thank you !!! Love & Joy….. (also reported was that the dog who had been afraid of entering the desk room wasn’t anymore).

* (Ann Marie) The most noticeable change has been with the cats! believe it or not. They have been much more calm. They used to burst into my bedroom in the middle of the night and walk all over me. They have not been doing that, which I appreciate!

* Karen called me almost crying, a few wks after I performed the service. “I want to thank you so much, Cathy !!! …. I was unable to rent out my apartments for over a year, and was getting very desperate…. I have just received a call to rent one, and possibly another… am sure it’s because of the energy of Ascended Spaces.. I am grateful beyond words…thank you! God bless you !!”.

* Jill’s mother had passed away in her home. She was stricken with grief and not sleeping well, while she could still hear her mother wailing. We conducted the system and prayer for her mother’s total release into the Light. Improvements were noticed immediately, bringing more peace and calm to the home, and to Jill who was sleeping much better. When her daughter visited some weeks later she said she felt the energy had changed. : )

* Recently we conducted Ascended Spaces in a huge location where a new fair took place. We adapted several techniques for this purpose, with good results. The 2 day fair ran smoothly, 800 people attended and the energy was great.

Julie Kunkel
Elburn, IL USA
Phone: (630)-345-4007

Melody Bode
Jefferson City, MO USA
Phone: 573-680-9729

Barbara Iverson
St. Charles, IL USA
Phone: 847-346-8418

Linda Pullano
Johnston, RI USA
Phone: 401-383-2344

Florence George
Perth, Western, AUSTRALIA
Phone: 0428-550-1691

Zyna Langden
Phone: 0428-550-1691


From Tokyo
Yumiko Kurata 
Michiko Watanabe
Saeko Tanaka
Akiko Tanikawa
From Kanagawa
Ayako Yamamoto 
Miki Sakamoto
From Osaka
Kurumi Itani
From Nagoya
Fumiko Kato
From Hiroshima
Ayako Hirano


Yuki Ozaki

Nana Yamada

Nakajima Shion