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Sacred Journeys—Kelly Hampton’s 2019 Spiritual Retreats

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What does sacred mean to you?

Do you find it in the form of quiet time spent in deep reflection? Does it come to you through the new wave of openness that washes over you in transformative moments of energy healing?

Or…is it a place?

Sacred is a Place

Maybe you’ve been to Machu Picchu, or Egypt, or India, and you’ve experienced the compassion and love vibrations that arise when standing on some of the planet’s most sacred ground. But even if you’ve made these holiest of spiritual journeys, there was something missing—a community of lightworkers to share your experiences with…

Which is why, this year, I invite you to continue your mission of enlightenment and self-expansion with me as your guide. I’ll lead you—side-by-side with other like-minded souls who want to grow and continue their energy work—as we explore powerful, sacred locations like Glastonbury in England, Mount Shasta in Northern CA, and Assisi in Italy.

These power spots are blessed with unique combinations of features like ley lines, spiritual traditions, and portals to Star Nations, making them ideal places to retreat from the illnessnesses and perceived limitations of our 3rd dimensional selves.

If you are called to serve and looking for ways to claim your purpose, to heal yourself, and perhaps even heal our planet, this is the time you’ve been waiting for!

My name is Kelly Hampton, and I am here to connect heaven and earth through Christ Consciousness. As a child, I first saw the face of Christ appear in a glass of water, and now, years later, I’ve continued receiving channeled information from Ascended Masters the likes of Archangel Michael, the Blessed Mother Mary Magdalene, Saint Germain, Mother Earth, and the Christed Intergalactics. Many know me best for my continual work with Archangel Michael, having downloaded 3 books from him to date.

My soul theme as a healer/teacher calls me to guide you as I have been guided by the Ascended Masters, and leading pilgrims on a number of yearly spiritual retreats is a pillar of my calling.

Why Do You Need Another Spiritual Retreat?

Authentic healing is a reconciliation of our body and mind (where illness lives) with spirit (the ultimate source of healing energy). While techniques like Star Healing Intergalactic Energy ™, Ascended Spaces angelic home attunement, and spiritual mentoring can reach us wherever we are, sometimes familiar surroundings make it hard for healing energies to be as effective as they should be.

Not all spiritual retreats are created the same. Every group brings its own unique collective energies, every downloaded guidance and exercises from Source are different, and—just as seasons change—so do you!

Not all Spiritual Guides are Created Equal

Call them retreats, call them pilgrimages, call them sacred journeys, call them spiritual missions, call them whatever you like—I strive to match my level of teaching with what YOU are ready for. Additionally, each journey has the advantage of 2 seasoned guides for your total immersion in the power spot you visit, whether it’s Mt. Shasta, Glastonbury and Tintagel, or Assisi and Monte San Angelo.

If this year has called you to a sacred journey and you are looking for some of the best spiritual retreats in the world, then I invite you to one (or more!) of my 2019 offerings—where warm food, the warmth of new friendships, and relaxing accommodations will co mingle with the warmth of transformative healing.

There is still time and space to join me at:

Mt. Shasta Retreat, June 7-9 (enrollment open)

  • Strengthen your knowledge of Rainbow energy, how to use it at Mt. Shasta and elsewhere, and learn how important it is in our evolution through this profound teaching from Archangel Michael.

Enroll for the Mt. Shasta Retreat NOW

Glastonbury England Sacred Retreat, July 14-22 (enrollment open, hurry! almost full)

  • 6 Day Journey to Avalon!
  • July 14-19th, 2019 with 2 day optional add on to Tintagel July 20-22nd with departure on July 22nd, 2019
  • Join me on my second spiritual retreat and sacred pilgrimage to the mystical lands of Glastonbury, England. We will immerse ourselves in the transformational energies of St. Michael and St. Mary’s ley lines, Stonehenge, the Tor, Chalice Well, and all that this mystical landscape has to offer.

Enroll for the Glastonbury Retreat NOW

Italian Sacred Retreat Sept. 22-30th (enrollment open, filling fast!)

  • Assisi Sept. 22-27th, Monte Sant’Angelo Sept. 27-Sept. 30th
  • You are invited to journey with me and other like-minded souls this Sept. to MYSTICAL ITALY in an intimate, sacred pilgrimage to Assisi, Italy with optional Monte Sant’Angelo, a Heart Opening Journey to Self!
  • Spend the Feast of St. Michael exploring the splendor of the Grotto, amidst the ceremony and pageantry that has become world famous.

Enroll for the Italy retreat NOW

Don’t forget to register for a special Mt. Shasta StarCode gift and subscribe to Kelly’s newsletter in the sidebar menu.

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